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FUN CREATIVE LEARNING - Build and create on the colorful magnetic stage brain teaser game board background using 95 different magnet fashion clothing combination pieces to stimulate creative thinking for kids boys and girls at an early age.

PERFECT INSPIRATIONAL TOY GIFT - Fun and entertaining, amazing educational presents for elementary, preschool, or any school age children that will never go out of style and encourage creativity which is the key factor to success in today's ever-changing environments. Unlike typical toys, each piece on the puzzle board can be interchangeable and replaced. Very easy to construct and quick to store away using the included travel sized storage box.

OPEN-ENDED POSSIBILITIES - This magnetic puzzle toy dress up game board magnet face-board fashion activity book educational play set comes with 95 UNIQUE different clothing styles and accessories magnets, 20 FREE full color wardrobe design idea cards as instruction manual inspirational guide, 4 dry erase markers with erasers for drawing, and a built-in storage box to keep the clothes pieces organized on-the-go, to nurture child brain development, STEM skills, and cognition learning by playing!

20 FREE Inspirational Idea Cards - The dress up magnetic face-board toy set comes with 20 separate idea-cards to show kids how to build different outfits from many distinct areas around the world! Introduce worldly fashion and costumes from India, England, Russia, America, Spain, South Africa, France, China, and more to boys & girls ages 3+ and up! Mix & match between unique magnet clothing to create your very own DIY style and inspire other children, friends or family to be fashionably creative

In The Box:
- 95 Mix & Match Magnetic Clothing Pieces
- 4 Dry Erase Markers with Erasers
- 20 Fashion Style Idea Cards
- 2 Built-in Storage Dividers

PicassoTiles 115 Piece Magnetic Face-Board Dress Up Puzzle Book Kids Toy Set

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