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Let's Talk: Conversation Starters For Kids To Discuss Feelings case of 24

Over 50 cards containing over 100 conversation starters to help break the ice!

The front of the cards offers broad sentence completions and the back has more specific questions to keep the conversation going in this fun and interesting conversation card game.

High quality cardstock that will not wear out

Children (and adults) often have a difficult time expressing their feelings. These sentence completion cards prompt kids and adults to express what's really on their minds. Share thoughts, feelings, and dreams, as well as open the door to fun and engaging stories. The front of the cards offer sentence completion prompts and the back has follow up questions to learn more and expand on the topics!  Can be used anytime: after school, on the go, at the dinner table, while traveling, and during bedtime routines. Open the door to conversation and discover the joy and bonding that comes with shared feelings.

Ages 4+

Let's Talk: Conversation Starters for Kids

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