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About Us

Mum2Kids was founded in 2021 by Penny Pham to offer quality educational toys for children at affordable prices. An international business professional with an MBA and eight years of experience launching educational start ups, Penny has focused on educational management throughout her entire career.


Penny’s love of learning through play began at an early age when she discovered her natural talent for chess – a talent that has led to her achieving the title of Woman International Master (WIM) and becoming a well-renowned chess coach. After several years of coaching chess to children, Penny discovered her personal passion for childhood development through the joy of play.


This passion formed the inspiration for Mum2Kids, a company that specializes in educational toys that incorporate STEAM concepts and help kids develop knowledge while having fun through play.


About Our Products

Our educational toys are carefully selected based on three critical factors – they must be enjoyable to play with, they must offer age-appropriate learning opportunities, and they must be of good quality.


Once toys have met our stringent criteria, they are sourced from international suppliers who have established reputations for manufacturing safe, engaging and reasonably priced educational toys.


Our goal is to offer high-quality and engaging educational toys that will encourage interactive “off screen” play time and family bonding.

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